"Noises off“

by Michael Frayn

The destitute author Philip Brent wants to secretly celebrate his wedding anniversary with his wife Flavia in their own home, whilst the young estate agent Roger wants to use the house for a rendezvous with his girlfriend Vicky. The quirky housekeeper Mrs. Clackett, on the other hand, is looking forward to a cozy afternoon with sardines in front of the TV. These people (and burglars and sheiks ...) always seem to miraculously miss each other in the house, which leads to confusion and entanglements.

Suddenly, however, the characters step out of their roles and ask Lloyd Dallas, the director of the play, what the meaning of their role is, or because they constantly fall out of role due to ignorance of text and character. Thus he always tries to motivate the cast and wants them to play "Must be Fun" on tour throughout the English province - whatever the cost.

Michael Frayn wrote this play in 1982 in three acts, whereby always the same first act is shown - however through different perspectives or  distances.

"Noises Off" is an excellent example of a "theatre within a theatre" that reveals the mechanisms of classic boulevard theatre as well as the inter active tensions within the cast, thus it becomes satire or grotesque.

Kirsten Ullrich-Klostermann directed this cast of nine play. Premiere: 3rd October 2014

Production Management and role as Lloyd Dallas: Martin Smith