The-English-Speaking-Club Programme 1/2023

Unless otherwise stated, we meet on a Tuesday at 20.00 hrs in the Arminia Klause Kalköfenstr. 20a in Oberrödinghausen and are printed in black. Venues in other locations are printed in blue. The club consists of our chairman, Rolf Unverricht, our delightful treasurer, Christa Price and our spokesman, Martin Smith.

There are no obligations to take part in the games etc. that we organise. If you so wish you can simply watch and listen. The club began in 1996 and has no membership fees. We are open to everyone who can at least speak a little English!

31. January“Bingo” with Christa and her caller will be Irene.
14. Febuary“Valentines Quiz” with Martin. Do you know your Valentine?
28. Febuary“Pictionary” with Vera. Show us your artistic talents.
14. MarchStory Time” with Martin. Bring down a small story, no longer than 5 mins. 
28. March“Whist” with Christa. 
11. April“After Eight” with our host Ronnie.  It’ll be a surprise what he will do!
25. April“Who am I?” with our Christine at the helm!
7. May“Ronnies Magical Mystery Tour” Ronnie will take us on a trip to Soest. Everyone will be informed nearer to the date.
9. May“Charades” our wonder girl Irene is picking out the titles.
23. May“Taboo” Monika and Martina will explain. Great fun for everyone!
6. June“Song Guessing Contest” with our chairman Rolf! 
16. June“Our annual BBQ” starting at 18:00 hrs. at Martin’s private address (Bachstraße 65 in Menden) on his patio! Bring your own meat (or whatever) and knife, fork, and spoon if applicable. Salads will be donated, and Martin will prepare the grill and sell drinks.  If any profit arises, this will go towards the charcoal etc.  Martin is also preparing a really idiotic quiz!    He has apologized!

The first meeting after the winter break will be on the 15th August 2023!