English-Speaking-Club Programm 1/2024

Sofern nicht anders angegeben, treffen wir uns an einem Dienstag um 20.00 Uhr in der Arminia Klause Kalköfenstr. 20a in Oberrödinghausen (Im Kalender in schwarz gedruckt. Veranstaltungen an anderen Orten werden in blau gedruckt.) Der Club besteht aus unserem Vorsitzenden Rolf Unverricht, unserer entzückenden Schatzmeisterin Christa Price und unserem Sprecher Martin Smith.

Es gibt keine Verpflichtung, an unseren organisierten Diskussionen oder Spielen usw. teilzunehmen. Wenn Sie möchten, können Sie einfach nur zuschauen und zuhören. Der Club wurde 1996 gegründet und hat keine Mitgliedsbeiträge. Wir sind offen für alle, die zumindest ein bisschen Englisch sprechen können!

30th JanuaryChrista is organising “Bingo”.
13th February„Sing a song“ with Klaus Spielmann. Sheets will be handed out and we’ll all sing together. Let’s blow out our cobwebs and sing our hearts out!
PS. Do not fear, I have warned the CIA, the Coast Guard and also NASA that we are singing. This is to allow them to hand out earmuffs or any other appropriate ear protection!
27th February“Who am I?” with our host Christine Baron.
12th MarchTest your artistic skills with “Pictionary”. Vera is our host.
26th March“Postman Pat” from Martin Smith. Have fun playing in a story which they would use for the radio. Try and mimic a farmer, growl like a dog, or bleat like a moaning sheep. Sheets will be handed out. Great fun for everyone!
9th April“Tabu” with our super duo “Monika & Martina”.
23rd April“A reading” by Martina Grünebaum. “Writing has been my passion since early childhood. On this evening I’ll present a number of books, but not all of them. I assure you; it’ll be an entertaining, emotional, and exiting
7th MayOur wonder woman Christa is organising a game of “Whist”.
21st MayRolf Unverricht, our chairman, will be reading and talking about his new book called: „Vom kalten Krieg in das heisse Afghanistan“.
4th June“A Beetle Drive” is simply nuts! It’s crazy, loud, emotional, but also great fun. Elke will try and keep control of this “out of this world” evening!
Friday, 14th JuneIt’s our annual and traditional “BBQ” at Martin’s house. (Bachstr.65 in Menden) It starts at 18.00 hrs and all you have to bring is your own meat, cutlery, and good humour. Drinks and a hot grill will be ready for you. We’ll be needing some volunteers for salads. But we have to apologise because Martin is planning one of his simple, rather stupid but funny quizzes. We tried to talk him out of it but to no avail. (This quiz is ideal for people with a very low IQ!)

The first meeting after the summer break will be on the 27th August. Same place, same time, same faces!