English-Speaking-Club Programm 2/2023

Sofern nicht anders angegeben, treffen wir uns an einem Dienstag um 20.00 Uhr in der Arminia Klause Kalköfenstr. 20a in Oberrödinghausen (Im Kalender in schwarz gedruckt. Veranstaltungen an anderen Orten werden in blau gedruckt.) Der Club besteht aus unserem Vorsitzenden Rolf Unverricht, unserer entzückenden Schatzmeisterin Christa Price und unserem Sprecher Martin Smith.

Es gibt keine Verpflichtung, an unseren organisierten Diskussionen oder Spielen usw. teilzunehmen. Wenn Sie möchten, können Sie einfach nur zuschauen und zuhören. Der Club wurde 1996 gegründet und hat keine Mitgliedsbeiträge. Wir sind offen für alle, die zumindest ein bisschen Englisch sprechen können!

29. AugustWe've been playing Bingo for years and years with our dream team Christa and Irene!
12. SeptemberElke is organising a game of Charades. This is always great fun and hilarious!
26. SeptemberWhist is an easy card game with a twist! Irene will inform us on how it works!
10. OktoberBeat them or cheat them is one of our favourite games. Irene you are a genius!
24. OktoberBodo Schulte is coming to visit us and talk and show his wonderous talents within a world of puppetry.
Wikipedia: Bodo Schulte plays Captain Bluebear (WDR) on German television, was the first puppeteer to play Bert (2003 on Sesame Street) outside the USA and invented the TV puppet Klemens Schulte-Vierkötter (WDR). Other well-known TV characters: Monty and Mitzi (Disney Channel), Tiger (Nickelodeon), Hildegunst von Mythenmetz (Walter Moers) and Lukas the Armadillo (WDR).In 2011 and 2013 he was active in more than 100 shows at "berlin enlightened" in the Friedrichstadt-Palast Berlin on the largest theatre stage in the world with the snow bunny FRITZE. In addition to playing and singing, Schulte is also involved as an author and puppet maker.
He will give us an insight into what it's like to be one of the best in Europe! Not to be missed!
7. NovemberThe idea behind Taboo is to use no form or part of any word printed on your card to help you explain your word! It sounds quite hard and intriguing, but it is quite easy and entertaining! Well done Monika and Martina.
21. NovemberA reading by Kathrin Heinrichs. The Friedrich Glauser Prize, abbreviated to Glauser, is, alongside the German Crime Fiction Prize, the most important crime fiction prize in the German-speaking world. It is named after the Swiss writer Friedrich Glauser (1896-1938), who is considered the first German-speaking crime writer. Last year Kathrin Heinrichs won this prestigious prize and she'll be visiting our little club to read part of her award-winning book "Free Fall".

Wikipedia: She has been known primarily since 1999 for her series of detective novels with a local flavour from the Sauerland. There were also volumes of short stories and publications in various anthologies. Since 1999 she has also appeared as a cabaret artist. She plays the role of "Helga Hammer-Gescheidt", chairwoman of the first self-help group for women teachers in Germany. Heinrichs is a member of the authors' associations Syndikat and Sisters in Crime.
05. DezemberBeetle Drive is a game of dice. It's loud and extremely funny! Thank you, Elke!
19. DezemberThe Christmas Party. It is what you have been waiting for.... Last year we had a whale of a time... We need a volunteer Santa (Male or female. We are not fussy!) Bring down a wrapped present worth €5 for Santa's sack and be prepared to have loads of fun! Pass the Parcel... big raffle... carol singing!

Das erste Treffen nach der Winterpause findet am 16. Januar 2024 statt!