Martin Smith

The Brit Martin Smith was born in Bloxwich, England in 1957 and attended Tettenhall College, a boarding school, in Wolverhampton, West Midlands. During his six-year service with the British military, he was also stationed in Menden. After leaving he worked in England in the scaffolding construction company belonging to his father. Two years later he arrived back to Germany and began to paint, write and play theatre. He gained countless theatre experiences in “Katastrophen Kultur e.V.”  productions.

In 1991 his "Brits 1" hit the stage;  Martin Smith wrote the script and played on stage supported by Congregati, the folk group whose singer Martin Smith has been more than 15 years.

He directed the KK e.V. - production called "The little shop of horror" by Alan Menken and Howard Ashman and also played the Dr. Scrivello.


Following on from the success of "Brits 1", the "Brits" series continued with the tracks "Brits 2" (1994) and "Brits 40" (1997). Under the title "The Best of Brits" (2001), Martin Smith presented a compilation of his most successful skits. In 2007, Martin Smith continued his success with "Brits 50", followed in 2017 by the latest episode "Brits 60".

For many years, Martin Smith has focused his artistic work on children's theater and children's books.

Everything started in 1997 with the "Snowman", a pre-Christmas mood in English, which has since become a fixed programme in Advent.

"Peter and the Wolf" was the Christmas production for 2005. This children’s play was directed by Wolfgang Weist (Wowo) and Martin Smith was production manager and played the narrator.

In 2009 „Scrooge - a Christmas story" was directed by Stefan Band and Martin Smith took over the production and played a tramp.

Following that, another highlight of his artistic creation was the performance of "Alwine" in 2011.

This play, was based on the book of the same name by Martin Smith, required a stage much larger than the stage of the Scaramouche theatre. This was fulfilled in the Schützenhalle "St. Hubertus Menden-Nord ". ... And two years later, in 2013, there was the sequel, "Alwine and the Power of Stones" in the Scaramouche.

In 2020, "Trübel - Nix für schwache Nerven" celebrated its premiere. The play, written by Martin Smith and directed by Marita Smith, is a funny, musical, multimedia play with 2 stories for the whole family. His son Christopher is the technical director. So it is a Smith - Smith production. Frank Potrafky plays guitar and in supporting roles are the "Bar Nuts", Gary Miller, Andrew Jamieson and Klaus Rüschenbaum. A famous - notorious trio, which did their first mischief on stage during Brits 60. Christine Smith played the "Bar Nuts" boss.