The Brits series by Martin Smith and with Martin Smith

Martin Smith. A pillar of strength within the “Katastrophen”. Snowman. Congregati frontman. Briton.

"I remember my first appearance. It was a "Nativity play" in my English junior school. I was one of the Three Kings and had only a small sentence to say, but I still felt that God had abandoned me and the onlookers wanted to devour me (probably with mint sauce). "20 years later in the '80s Menden, everyone just knew me as a funny Brit. I was persuaded to join in and perform in the Scaramouche theatre. I arrived at the theatre forty-five minutes before the others. My knees were shaking. It was dark and lonely behind the scenes. I heard the laughter in the dressing room, as I peered through the small holes in the main curtains and looking at the audience. The room began to fill and my knees shook even more ... "

About 30 years ago, Martin Smith played his first programme "Brits 1", since then he can always be seen on the Scaramouche stage with his  own lyrics and comedy. Whether as a dancing ballerina, giant-footed helmeted Viking or assistant to Miss Marple - it's always British, funny & funny peculiar.

The last Brits production was for his birthday in 2017. With music, fun, weird punch lines and tons of mint sauce - by appointment to Her Majesty The Queen.

This event ran under the motto "60 ... now I want to experience something with you. I want to hear you laugh and clap. I will not present anything serious, just the truth, of course a little over the top - but still the truth. "

Cast Brits 60

Texts and Idea: Martin Smith
Director: Peter Panne Neuhaus
Co-organizers: Oliver and Marita Smith
Actors: Gary Miller, Kevin Miller, Andrew Jamieson as "Bar Nuts" and Martin Smith
Prompter: Birgit Diermann
Technician: Christopher Smith and Wolfgang Pflüger
Congregati: Frank Potrafky, Bodo Schulte, Jan Janssen, Martin Smith, Klaus Mundus and Christiane Biermann
The Band: Frank Potrafky, Hannes Lappe, Uli Neumann Martin Smith and Lisa Lawson (maiden name: Smith