Alwine and the power of the stones

A silver mist slowly drifts across the surface of a pond called "The Witch’s Pond" not far from the small, tranquil town of Menden. Except for a few frightened birds and the buzzing of some insects, nothing can be heard.

The trees reveal nothing of their secrets, the bushes and overgrown paths do not say why or why not. Only when one is completely still and sitting quietly can one observe that a shrub or twig moves without reason. Why? Or has something gone past that we as simple mortals cannot see? On the duck island in the middle of the pond some leaves stir, completely unnaturally. What the viewer does not see is this magical world full of surprises. If our visitors were one with this magical race, they would have realized that a pirate, Captain Gold,  was the cause of the whirling leaves, and just before that, Bertus, a tree wizard, strolled down the path. High above us, Elfie flew past and at the edge of the pond sat Goswin, the ancient knight of the Rodenburg.

Suddenly something big flies by, of course, it can only be Dragnet, the clumsy dragon who lands heavily next to a woman dressed in green. She looks up and smiles at him. This beautiful woman is Alwine, the witch.

Everything is quiet and peaceful.

A Golok stone hanging around Alwine's neck suddenly lights up and everyone is worried. The silence is over.

What does this warning mean? Is the magical or the mortal world in danger? This stone tells of a huge storm, a creature full of anger! But who is it? And what does it want?

Premiere: 25th December 2013.