not for the faint hearted

A catastrophic Smith – Smith production in German.

An explanation:

Are you sitting comfortably?
This will take a few minutes to unravel.
To start with: What does the German word „Trübel“ mean? Spelt correctly, the word really means a whirlwind or even turmoil. Unfortunately at the beginning whilst writing the script in German, I gave a small portion of the script to a good friend of mine, Peter Neuhaus, to read and he noticed that I had spelt the German word for turmoil incorrectly. It should have read „Trubel“ but I wrote „Trübel“  which does not exist in the German language. His advice was to leave the mistake in, thus the incorrectly spelt word has remained, which means that every time someone reads the title they ask me what „Trübel“ means!

The play or show itself, is really two stories about two different countries, England and Germany, or better still, Cornwall and Bavaria. It is told through the eyes of an animal. In Bavaria Hubertus, a billy goat, goes about his own business whilst the world around him begins to fall apart. This is also true of Hamlet a cat living in Cornwall. Each story begins quietly enough. I tell the story with help from, the „Bar Nuts“ (three lads from the theatre group) plenty of music, a whole host of gestures and a film. You are now confused, but if you want me to explain everything it’ll take me all day and I don’t have the time. 
Just come along to the show and enjoy yourselves, but beware, this is not for the faint hearted!

Premiere: March 2020. 
Text: Martin Smith
Technical director: Christopher Smith
Bar Nuts: Christine Brückner, Gary Miller, Andrew Jamieson and Klaus Rüschenbaum

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