Menden’s most successful play.

Some things simply belong to the Christmas season, the Advent calendar, Father Christmas and a robust "Hello Mr. Smith" when a theatre full of young and young-at-heart people greet this native-born Martin Smith in his native language.

The Katastrophen Kultur presents again this year as a special highlight in the Yuletide "Snowman". The story is told in English, supported by gestures, facial expressions and pictures. Viewers of all ages can understand the story without knowing the English language completely.

Before he begins to tell the story of the little boy building a snowman on a snowy wintery day, he decorates the stage with the children and conjures up a British Christmas with all the important components: the indispensable Christmas cake, garlands, presents, Christmas cards, a Christmas tree ...

With this snowman, the boy experiences the most incredible adventures during the night, culminating in their participation in a Christmas party of snowmen in the far north, where they meet "Father Christmas", Santa Claus.

For more than 24 years, Martin Smith has delighted over 30,000 viewers in more than 300 performances with the story of the little boy and his frozen friend. Every year in December, you can join in at the Scaramouche Theater as the curtain rises yet again for this wonderful adventure.

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