Alwine: A story about elves, witches and knights.

From Sassenland in Schwitten to Teufelsssiep in Böingsen, south of Menden, from Dahlhausen to Oesbern in the east:

Menden is rich in legends and ancient stories. Elves, witches and knights have always populated Menden and only a few had evil tendencies. 

Most of them lived in or around the witch’s pond or the hill called Rodenburg and lived through (or, in the case of ghosts, lived through without living) one adventure after another, without the mortals even knowing.

Alwine is the story of a witch at the Witch’s Pond, written by Martin Smith. She tries to help a friend, the knight Goswin, solve a problem. With the help of Bertus, a tree wizard; Uhu, a wise owl and Elfie, a cheeky elf, our heroes travel backwards into Godwin’s past.

A production that unfortunately was too huge for our small theatre “Scaramouche”, therefore the performances took place in the Schützenhalle  St. Hubertus, Stiftstr., in Menden.

A sell out performance, a true sign of how great the interest in this production was.

Premiere:  9th September 2011.